Hello and welcome to the second addition of the blog focused on the bots developed by Sebi#0002. In this entry we will be reviewing the changes that Sebi’s bots have undergone in the past 3 months. Keep reading to learn more about Thread Manager, Midnight, and more.

Thread Manager

What’s new with Thread Manager? The all new /photomode command is here! This command, when ran in a channel automatically deletes every message except for messages with a photo or file attached to them. It makes a thread for each picture posted so you can discuss it freely, while not having to worry about the main channel getting spammed. You can finally have a place to talk about your cute pet photo without any disturbances. Now, if a thread is on the /watchlist you can now archive it manually if you have the ‘manage threads’ permission and the bot will not unarchive it again. Performance enhancements and bug fixes were also packaged along with these new features.


A lot has happened in terms of features and updates regarding Midnight since the last blog. Firstly, thanks to the amazing support by the community inviting Midnight to their servers and making this bot the best it can be, it has now been verified by Discord! Apart from that. the main new feature is a new API that the bot runs, allowing Sebi to add fishing and scam links seamlessly without making him take the bot offline or update the direct bot code. You may send these links to Sebi#0002 on Discord to have them included on the list, if they aren’t on the list already. There is also a new scammer/bad actor flag displayed on the /infractions command for a server so you can tell if somebody has been caught sending malicious links in the past. You will also automaticaly receive a DM from Midnight, if you got detected sending a malicious link. This can allow you to know, if someone has hacked you or make you aware of the link itself, if you didn’t already know it was bad. Next up, you can now set a timeout length punishment instead of using the previously added kick and ban options to be executed on a user that has been detected being a scammer when they join your server or when they send a bad link. You can now run /config to see the settings that your server currently has in place regarding Midnight and punishment. Finally, there is now a log, where links deleted by the bot are sent and scammer warnings are sent if a new user who joins your server is identified as one.

TipicoX and Infinity Lounge

The name of the economy bot Sebi has been developing was changed from TropicoX to TipicoX. Apart from that, there isn’t any news from those bots for this entry.

Web Bot Dashboard

The fabled dashboard that encompasses the entire Sebi bot family has arrived! Keep in mind that this dashboard is still in early development, so any bugs or issues experienced on it should be reported to Sebi#0002 as soon as possible so they can be resolved. You can find the dashboard at the link below:


That’s all we have for this edition of the blog, however we have discussed some features that we hope you found exciting and useful, making your server the best it can be. A lot of new features are in the future of these bots, from modal support to a full web dashboard, there are many reasons to be thrilled about the future. We appreciate each and every one of you reading this blog post and caring about the bots developed by Sebi. Until next post we hope you stay healthy and safe.




This is the blog focused on reporting everything there is to report on the bots developed by Sebi#0002.

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Sebi’s Bots

Sebi’s Bots

This is the blog focused on reporting everything there is to report on the bots developed by Sebi#0002.

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